Timber Flooring

Engineered timber floors are timeless, naturally warm and enticing. The look of timber will work in any design scheme giving the area relaxing calming environment. Pre-finished engineered timber floors make the job easy, installed with underlay it provides noise insulation, its low in maintenance and perfect for allergy sufferers. Timber is available in a wide range of species and dimensions from sustainable hardwood to parquet.

Below we have highlighted collections from Quick-Step and L’Antic Colonial from Porcelanosa, and have more collections from Forté and Irvine International instore.


As Quick-Step are both designers and manufacturers of floors, they are passionate about design and beauty. It is this passion that distinguishes them from other flooring manufacturers.

Whether you are moving in with the partner of your dreams, building yourself a new home, restoring an old house, decorating your soon-to-be-born baby’s room… in every life, these events mark the start of something beautiful. All of these deserve a beautiful floor. After all, a floor is literally and figuratively the foundation of an interior.

L'Antic Colonial

Since its creation, L’Antic Colonial has striven to meet the demand for exclusive, top-quality natural materials like slate, marble, natural wood or mosaics. When they are used in conjunction with complementary products by the company, like its washbasins, countertops or bathroom furniture, global design projects can be created with all the warmth evocative of nature’s own materials. This is demonstrated time and time again by the visual beauty and technical properties of its products, both in private and public design projects.

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